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Manchester's Bars Awards - The Shortlist

Manchester's Bars Awards - The Shortlist

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the short list for the Manchester’s Bars Awards, which takes place from 7pm, 19th March at Bunny Jackson’s! Big shout out to all our sponsors!!!

It’s an awesome list! Well done to everyone who is on there!

To place your vote simply use the convenient form here

Without any further ado, here it is…

Best New Bar Sponsored by Havana Club

  • Jane Eyre

  • Speak In Code

  • Sherlock’s

  • Cocktails Beer Ramen + Bun

  • Yes

  • Northern Monk

Manchester’s Best New Bartender Sponsored by Old Forester

  • Matt Walsh, Dusk Til Pawn

  • Jack Marsden, 20 Stories

  • Douglas Hogg, CBRB

  • Chelsea Penn, Dusk Til Pawn

  • Aidan Whiting, Tariff & Dale

  • Amy Fields, Crazy Pedros NQ

Manchester’s Best Bartender Sponsored by Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye

  • Adam Day, Wood & Co

  • Karl Stanley, Science & Industry

  • David Cole, Hawksmoor

  • Carmel Healy, Whiskey Jar

  • Gethin Jones, Cottonopolis  

  • Phil Aldridge, Dusk til Pawn

Best Bar Team sponsored by Chase

  • Dusk til Pawn

  • Cottonopolis

  • Wood & Co

  • Hawksmoor

  • Science & Industry

  • Tariff & Dale

Best Bar Back sponsored by Monin

  • Aitor, Hawksmoor

  • Abbas, Whiskey Jar

  • Benji, Mojo

  • Oliver Fletcher, Arcane

  • Paddy, Tariff & Dale

  • Eliza, Sandinista

Best Front of House Star sponsored by Maverick

  • Chloe Williams, CBRB

  • Fernando Marques, Tast

  • Harriet Brown, Tariff & Dale

  • Frankie Allman, Hawksmoor

  • Simon Yardley, Hawksmoor

  • Olivia Bratt, The Bay Horse

Business Development Manager sponsored by Manchester Hospitality Network

  • Amy Parry, Flight Club

  • Dale Clovey, Hawksmoor

  • Kate Matusiak, Arcane

  • Mani Dosangh, Whiskey Jar

  • Becky Wilkes, 20 Stories

  • Anna Gledson

Industry Legend sponsored by Manchester Gin

  • Lyndon Higginson

  • Bart

  • Adam Wilson

  • Jody Monteith

  • Becky Davies

  • Adam Keeligan

Bartenders’ Best Drink sponsored by Artis

  • ‘charlemagne’, Science & Industry

  • ‘clarified pina colada’, Wood & Co

  • ‘trifecta’, Sherlock’s

  • ‘pinot colada’, Science & Industry

  • ‘weak is meat’, Cottonopolis

  • ‘insect hinges’, Science & Industry

Bartenders’ Bar of the Year sponsored by Campari

  • Sherlock’s

  • Science & Industry

  • Bunny Jackson’s

  • Cottonopolis

  • Tariff & Dale

  • Wood & Co

#RepLife – Best Dressed Rep Award


#TheMarsland Award for best check in


#goodnightsweetprince - Best Shuttered Bar of 2018




International Women's Day 2019

International Women's Day 2019