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On Tuesday 19th March, we threw a little party. To celebrate the wonderful talent we have in the hospitality industry in Manchester.

Hosted at Bunny Jackson’s and working with our esteemed partners we has a truly fantastic evening. If you came down, thank you, if you couldn’t make it or can’t remember what happened. See below.

Thank you again for all your hard work and support, we couldn’t do it without you.

NH Team


Best New Bar Sponsored by Havana Club

  • Cocktails Beer Ramen + Bun

Manchester’s Best New Bartender Sponsored by Old Forester

  • Amy Field, Crazy Pedros NQ

Manchester’s Best Bartender Sponsored by Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye

  • Gethin Jones, Cottonopolis  

Best Bar Team sponsored by Chase

  • Science & Industry

Best Bar Back sponsored by Monin

  • Benji, Mojo

Best Front of House Star sponsored by Maverick

  • Chloe Williams, CBRB

Business Development Manager sponsored by Manchester Hospitality Network

  • Amy Parry, Flight Club

Industry Legend sponsored by Manchester Gin

  • Becky Davies, Mangrove

Bartenders’ Best Drink sponsored by Artis

  • ‘trifecta’, Sherlock’s

Bartenders’ Bar of the Year sponsored by Campari

  • Bunny Jackson’s

#RepLife – Best Dressed Rep Award

  • Fozzy & Penny

#TheMarsland Award for best check in

  • Marsland

#goodnightsweetprince - Best Shuttered Bar of 2018

  • Epernay

Disclaimer - If you are in a photo and for some reason don’t want to be on the site, get in touch and we will take it down -

The taste of liquid inspiration! WSET Reaches 50 Years

The taste of liquid inspiration! WSET Reaches 50 Years

Manchester's Bars Awards - The Shortlist

Manchester's Bars Awards - The Shortlist