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Manchester's Bars Awards Ceremony

Manchester's Bars Awards Ceremony

the MBA logo…

the MBA logo…

We’re doing a thing and you’re all invited…

This year on Tuesday 19th March we will be hosting the Manchester’s Bars Awards at BUNNY JACKSONS, an awards ceremony for Manchester’s hospitality industry. We are hosting it after the NRB so click here to register for the NRB!!!

This year will be the 2nd year of the awards ceremony and it’s going to be bigger and better. We have more awards, awesome prizes from our fantastic partners and a great drinks menu to match!

The awards started 2 years ago with a focus on celebrating all that is good and great about our industry with a big focus on Manchester. And whilst events like this appear all over the globe, I’d like to tip our hat to the good work of the Liquorists back in 2011 when they hosted the ‘Bartender’s Ball’ . This was a real inspiration not just a great soiree.

We are opening it up now, whilst the title mentions ‘Bars’ it isn’t specifically focused on that segment and we have awards for industry legend, Best BDM, Front of House and Best Bar Back. We are already planning more for next year!

The MBA will be hosted at Bunny Jackson

The MBA will be hosted at Bunny Jackson

The Process

Here’s how it works; we are selecting an initial panel of ‘Industry influencers’, primarily from the North (but some wider afield) from every aspect of the industry. We also accept applications to widen the panel as we believe we want the biggest cross section of nominations we can get! If you are on the panel you can nominate one person but if you arent on the panel you can apply at

We have a couple of open awards which are blown wide, without the need for a panel; ‘the bartender’s favourite section’ and the ‘BEST OF THE REST’ section

Then we have a nomination system; each panelist nominates 3 people from each category, with their first nomination scoring 3 points, second 2 points and third gets 1 point. We then total this up, release the shortlist and announce the winner on the evening of the awards. It’s that easy!

The Awards, last years winners and criteria & considerations


  • Best New Bar, sponsored by Havana Club

    (18 – Peggy’s) - Must have opened in between March 2018 and March 2019

  • Manchester’s Best New Bartender, Sponsored by Old Forester

    (18- Jose Fernades, Hawksmoor) - Must have been bartending less that 2 years in-total.

  • Manchester’s Best Bartender, Sponsored by Jack Daniel’s Rye

    (18 – Adam Day, Peggy’s) - Must be a bartender currently living and working in Manchester

  • Best Bar Team , Sponsored by Chase

    (18 – Hawksmoor) - This is not exclusively limited to cocktails bars!

  • Industry Legend , Sponsored by Manchester Gin

    (18 – Lyndon Higginson) - Any one that has contributed alot to the Manchester hospitality scene over their career within in it. Minimum 10+ years in the wider industry. Not exclusively limited to Bar owner/Operators.

  • Best Bar Back, Sponsored by Monin

    (18 – Abbas Nourahhli) - Not exclusive to cocktail bars. Must be a bar back currently.

  • Best Front of House Star, Sponsored by Maverick

    (18 Becky Wilkes) - Servers, Managers and other Front of House operations are all welcome here.

  • Business Development Manager, Sponsored by Manchester Hospitality Network

    (new award for 2018) - Specifically BDM’s of hospitality.


  • Bartenders’ Bar of the Year, Sponsored by Gruppo Campari

    (18 – Arcane) - Vote for your favourite venue in the city!

  • Bartenders’ Best Drink, Sponsored by Artiss

    (18 – Chiaro Martini, Tariff & Dale) - Vote for your favourite drink!


  • #RepLife – THE GOLDEN BROGUES Best Dressed Rep Award

    (18 – Olivia Ryan & Craig Mcdonald)

  • #TheMarsland Award for best check in

    (18 Dave Marsland)

  • #goodnightsweetprince - Best Shuttered Bar.

The Sponsors

We were humbled by the support offered by the industry, unfortunately we couldn’t work with everyone. Here’s the list of our revered partners…

The Soiree

The event will be at Bunny Jackson’s on Tuesday 19th March from 7pm! Awards from 9pm! Free entry

Click here for the event page!

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