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Round up - 17th February 19

Round up - 17th February 19

Booze News

1 - Class Awards 2019 Results

Personally I’m taking those results as a victory for #theNorth

2 - Imbibe Personality of the Year Winners 2019 Results

Some absolute delights on this list


Click the link to get your tickets for NRB19! It’s going to be awesome

4 - The Guardian - AOC Suggests cocktails recipes to sip whilst sorting different political issues


REP DIRECTORY - 2019 Q1 Update (Ongoing!)

If you would like to be included in to the most glamorous roll call of the best Reps in the business click this link ——> #REPLIFE



This Month’s Events - Full Calender Here - Feb 2019

The events are in the side bar there…

Need to find your #dreamjob?

All the Jobs from the Manchester Bars Jobs group are HERE!

(Set Facebook to show ‘Recent Posts’ press CTRL+F, or use your browser’s search function to search…)

Updates and Change Log

  • Added Competitions page

  • Changed style of website to magazine format

  • other little tweaks

Round up - 3rd February

Round up - 3rd February